How to Spot/Avoid Work from Home Scam

Looking for ways to earn online at your leisure time or commonly known as work from home stuffs? Here are some tips to avoid the pitfall of getting victimized by scam sites.

Subscribe for free or for a fee?  It's so easy to spot the scam site from this. Most of the legitimate site doesn't ask you for money to join. Here I listed only 2 (to give you insight) of legitimate site that you can subscribe to and work from home for free.

Store Files in the Cloud for Free - Biggest Diskspace on Sky

SkyDrive (, that's how Microsoft named their biggest diskspace in the cloud. Yes I could say it's the biggest right now in the competition among free diskspace providers without frills at 25Gb disk space, "Wow". It's also bundled with so many applications you would usually do online. You can even create your own website presence with whatever files stored on SkyDrive, let's say a photo gallery. Unlike social networking site which reduce your photo size, SkyDrive allows you to store your photos retaining their original pixel size. It could also resize photos if you don't want larger image. And you can share it and viewable only to exclusive friends.

How to Link Smart Money to Verify PayPal Account

This is similar to my other post "How to get your paypal account verified using BDO debit card" but this time, we will use Smart Money. Actually Smart Money has partnered with BDO, so in essence it's like having a bank account but powered by Smart Communications that handles the mobile phone transactions and since Smart Money is a member of MasterCard, it's accepted worldwide and could handle online transactions as well.

Choosing a cellphone that best fit your lifestyle and budget - a mobile phone buyers guide

By original design a cellphone is just a communication device, but over the past years due to marketing competition and demands, it had evolved as a hybrid multimedia device. So choosing which cellphone to buy nowadays is more complicated than the cellphone itself as you have to weigh in a lot of features you need but with a limited budget so you need to trade off between features and that goes on a long list of dilemmas.

How to Activate/Configure MMS, GPRS, 3G - Globe, Smart, Sun

Unlike postpaid multimedia phones which comes with preconfigured sim, prepaid sims are not yet configured for 3G or WIFI access that allows you to connect to internet, or send video/photos to another contact thru MMS. So here's how to configure it, you may opt for automatic or manual configuration. Your choice.

How to fund Your PayPal Account - Ways of Funding

The year is 2011 and adding funds to your PayPal account using bank account is not yet supported in the Philippines, unlike in US. Adding fund in essence allows you to load electronic money to your PayPal wallet. Anyway there's a workaround to this.

Add your credit/debit card.
Though you can't add fund directly to your PayPal account using credit or debit card, but you can use it thru PayPal to buy or send money, in turn PayPal would then charge your credit/debit card. For debit card, you can use BDO debit card or UNION Bank EON card.

Call a Phone from PC using Google's Gmail - Free Calls to the US

It's not new that we could use the internet to place international calls be it PC to PC, PC to phone thru the use of softwares like yahoo, skypes, net2phone, icq and so on. But wait, it seems google was not on the list, well, it's not yet on those list hence gmail's phone feature is new.

You read it right, google's gmail has a phone feature that allows you to place call from your PC to any phone in the world, and it's free if the one you're calling is from the US. For the rest of the world, they offer very low rates.