How to Check a Website Trust Ratings - Site Reputation

Avoid scams and fraudulent sites
There are ways to check a website trust rating or reputation. This is good for non internet-savy users who aren't sure if the website they are going to transact with is not a scam.
  • - This is a site rating system where people gave their experience feedback.
  • - Same as above.
  • - Another consumer protection site.
  • - This is owned and maintained by same antivirus company named McAfee
  • - Better Business Bureau
If you're still unsure about the site, you can also check their DNS records that would show the physical location of the site and owner (provided the owner didn't wrote false information). Below are list of site that check DNS.
When entering domain to check, you could also omit the www, just supply the domain (and optional on some by selecting a list of suffix, e.g. com, net, biz, etc).

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