About me

I'm cross-platform Solutions Architect/Software Developer by profession, and a part time blogger during my leisure time just to keep the balance between constructing codes and writing notes.

This is my little blog, not to showcase my talent but to document common stuff and be shared to common people. Some have wondered why I didn't wrote technical blog that is related to my profession, so here I started writing techno blog at http://pinoydevx.blogspot.com

Fond of subjects like computers and programming, math, science particularly biology and astronomy. Other line of interest are psychology, and nutrition.

A Christian by faith, I love anything about religious topic and welcomes open minded discussion and arguments but off to debates. A believer to Jesus Divine Mercy, it all started when I was searching for near-death experiences, and found Stanley Villavicencio's life story quite interesting, right then I searched and read all about the Divine Mercy miracles.

Check here for a detailed list of my technical specialties

Proudly Pinoy!
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