How to Switch Back to Yahoo Mail Classic.

Update March, 2012. A fellow blogger shared an innovative way to trick yahoo mail to prompt you to switch to yahoo mail classic. Follow instruction from his comment below.

Updates as of June, 2011. Yahoo mail option to switch back to yahoo mail classic had been removed so there's no way you could switch back thru the UI. What you need to do is, open your email in a non supported browser like Opera, but get the older version because newer version are already supported, here's the link where you could get old opera ( or other non standard browser. From the old browser, Yahoo will prompt you to either switch back to yahoo mail classic, (choose the bottom part if you want the classic mail for good, not the "just this one time")

Have you ever experienced difficulty switching between yahoo mail classic to yahoo mail plus and vice versa?  Sometimes we just want the classic yahoo mail, to do that just click the Options, and Mail Classic (highlighted in red) as shown on screenshot.

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