Payment Gateway - Philippines Based

We often mentioned international payment gateways like PayPal, but there are also payment gateways locally available in the Philippines. At the time of this writing, only a handful of online shopping store are yet supporting these, and most of the subscribers were using these for bills payment. Well at least, you don't need to fall in line to pay your electricity, water, cable, telephone, internet, cellphone and other utility bills. For the most part, these services were mostly avaiable in National Capital Region or Metro Manila wide. In other part of the Philippines, that would depend on the utility services if they are enrolled to these payment gateways.

To Consumers and Services providers, let's help further boost our economy, and to keep up with the pace, let us support and subscribe to our local payment gateways. I am in no way affiliated with these payment gateways, but just endorsing these to help empower fellow Filipinos, so we are not left behind.

Here are the list of local based payment gateways. You may choose one to which your chosen bank is a member of.

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