How to fund Your PayPal Account - Ways of Funding

The year is 2011 and adding funds to your PayPal account using bank account is not yet supported in the Philippines, unlike in US. Adding fund in essence allows you to load electronic money to your PayPal wallet. Anyway there's a workaround to this.

Add your credit/debit card.
Though you can't add fund directly to your PayPal account using credit or debit card, but you can use it thru PayPal to buy or send money, in turn PayPal would then charge your credit/debit card. For debit card, you can use BDO debit card or UNION Bank EON card.

Request fund from someone.
If you know someone with PayPal funds, you can request from him by selecting Request Money then enter his PayPal email address. Make sure it's his email associated to PayPal , usually people have two or more email addresses for each particular account. Or better yet, let him send fund to you, just give him your PayPal email.

Buy funds from someone.
Some folks do sell PayPal funds for a few dollar exchange rate gain. You can search on marketplaces like eBay and search keywords like PayPal fund. Make sure to review the seller reputation, has positive feedback before making a purchase.

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