Call a Phone from PC using Google's Gmail - Free Calls to the US

It's not new that we could use the internet to place international calls be it PC to PC, PC to phone thru the use of softwares like yahoo, skypes, net2phone, icq and so on. But wait, it seems google was not on the list, well, it's not yet on those list hence gmail's phone feature is new.

You read it right, google's gmail has a phone feature that allows you to place call from your PC to any phone in the world, and it's free if the one you're calling is from the US. For the rest of the world, they offer very low rates.

You might wonder if this phone feature is available on google's talk, the stand-alone instant messenger. My first thought, it has, but it's not. Right now, it's only available on gmail. Yes, the phone feature is right there inside gmail once you login to your gmail account, under chat window.

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