How to Spot/Avoid Work from Home Scam

Looking for ways to earn online at your leisure time or commonly known as work from home stuffs? Here are some tips to avoid the pitfall of getting victimized by scam sites.

Subscribe for free or for a fee?  It's so easy to spot the scam site from this. Most of the legitimate site doesn't ask you for money to join. Here I listed only 2 (to give you insight) of legitimate site that you can subscribe to and work from home for free.

    Their way of earning is per project, once deal is done between you (employee aka service provider) and the project owner (employer aka buyer) and you've been paid, a small portion of it goes to the said legitimate site. Fair enough.

    The opposite of these are the scam sites, though some are not scam but their subscription model is almost similar to most of the scam sites. You would have to pay first to subscribe, only to find out that there are no or not enough profitable jobs or ads being offered, worst each of the members that had been fooled would compete to a limited list of jobs/ads inside that site.

    Scam site abound on the net, if they have been blocked by your browser due to trust rating, they could easily change domain name anytime or they could have multiple domains but similar marketing scheme.

    In essence, always give a site the benefit of the doubt if you're being asked to subscribe but have to pay first. Most especially if it's too good to be true.

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