Store Files in the Cloud for Free - Biggest Diskspace on Sky

SkyDrive (, that's how Microsoft named their biggest diskspace in the cloud. Yes I could say it's the biggest right now in the competition among free diskspace providers without frills at 25Gb disk space, "Wow". It's also bundled with so many applications you would usually do online. You can even create your own website presence with whatever files stored on SkyDrive, let's say a photo gallery. Unlike social networking site which reduce your photo size, SkyDrive allows you to store your photos retaining their original pixel size. It could also resize photos if you don't want larger image. And you can share it and viewable only to exclusive friends.

And imagine if SkyDrive is just sitting right next to your other disk drives like a flash drive? Yes you could, by installing a tool called Gladinet ( This allows you to treat like it's part of your computer folders by allowing you to drag and drop files or cut and paste, whatever file/folder management you normally do.

So I've just given you idea, you may explore the feature yourself. In my case, when I do upload sensitive files, I encrypt it first using an encryption tool (not zip, it's not safe from password cracker) and that ensures only you could view the files after keying in the stored password. Also I'm using a photo and video file size reducer, yes it shrink only the file size by as much as 50%-80% but not affecting the quality of image/video (I'll blog about it on separate cover).

Wanna learn more how to secure your files stored online or for properly safekeeping your media files by reducing file size? I'll write more about it when time permits, bookmark or follow my blog for now.

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  1. Nice article. Downloading Gladinet... :)