How to Link Smart Money to Verify PayPal Account

This is similar to my other post "How to get your paypal account verified using BDO debit card" but this time, we will use Smart Money. Actually Smart Money has partnered with BDO, so in essence it's like having a bank account but powered by Smart Communications that handles the mobile phone transactions and since Smart Money is a member of MasterCard, it's accepted worldwide and could handle online transactions as well.

1      Get Smart SIM
If you have smart money, proceed to item #2, otherwise read on. You need to have a smart sim (so globe and sun users, be smart hehehe kidding), then activate your smart money. You can either text MONEY to 343 or access it on your SIM menu, select Smart Money then activate account (Enter your desired PIN number). For details how, visit Smart Money page. You can also optionally apply for Smart Money card so you could use it to deposit funds from BDO, withdraw from ATM and use it for shopping.

2       Activate Smart Money
Once your Smart Money account is activated, unlock it now for online transaction. Again, access your SIM Smart Money menu from your cellphone. Select Smart Money, then Internet, choose Unlock (Some Smart Money users complaint they can't use it to link this account to PayPal, it's because they are not aware of that security feature from Smart which could be unlocked at will from your cellphone)

3       Add as Debit Card
Login to your PayPal and select Profile, then add/edit Credit Card. (see screen shot, forget the label used, technically credit and debit are both the same, except that debit is like a prepaid, while credit is like a postpaid). Take note though to have initial deposit of at least 200Php if you're going to have your PayPal account verified.


  1. but why when we went to Smart seems they don't know that.

  2. Can't blame smart staff if they don't know that, but if you ask them, is smart money a debit card or cash card, sure they would know the answer is yes. And based on that premise, a debit card is just like a credit card. The usual way of Verifying Paypal account is thru credit card, and yes, debit card could also be used. Don't try to ask the credit card companies if they know how to verify PayPal, chances are they don't know too.

  3. but there was this article i read somewhere that says debit card, as we use here in the Ph is not the same as the debit card they have abroad...

  4. Okay.. it seems that the balance I have on my Smart money card is the issue why Paypal keeps on denying the card Verification.I've unlocked the card but I just got it today so I still have Zero balance. I'll have to reload it first. Thanks! Cheers!